Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Gentleman Farmer" John Himes Crowned Director of EnvisionWare Sales in Private Ceremony

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that my dear friend, the erudite "gentleman farmer" John Himes has ascended to the hallowed post of Director of Sales for EnvisionWare. As befitting the solemn and powerful occasion, Mr. Himes was crowned last week in a private ceremony attended by family, friends, and an elite cadre of respected journalists.

Okay, okay...The Man in the Purple Shirt will concede that he is getting a little carried away in the spirit of the moment, but...anyone who has dealt with EnvisionWare for any extended period of time has probably come in contact with John Himes, and can therefore echo my sentiment that this man is universally loved. So...your humble scribe will now get out of the way and let the official announcement speak for itself:

Atlanta, GA, November 9, 2011 - EnvisionWare, a leading provider of self-­‐service and library efficiency solutions, announced today the appointment of John Himes as Director of Sales and Library Business Development. Previously, John served as manager of sales for EnvisionWare’s Western Region.

“John has consistently served as an advocate for our customers to ensure we meet and exceed their expectations for service and responsiveness,” said EnvisionWare COO Scott Fothergill. “We welcome John to the management team and look forward to working together to deliver a stellar customer experience throughout our organization.”

In this new role, John will assume Al Coalla’s responsibilities in overseeing sales. He will also have expanded responsibilities for creating business development strategies and processes to support EnvisionWare’s broader plan, which is focused on customer service.

“John has established strong and loyal relationships with our customers and prospective customers. He also has a proven track record of responsiveness and a deep understanding of customer needs,” said CEO Mike Monk. “He is the right person to lead our sales team and make certain our business development efforts are in alignment with our company’s strategic vision of providing the best service, products and customer satisfaction within the industry.”

Before joining EnvisionWare in 2004, John spent two years with Digital Access Control, an EnvisionWare reseller. He also spent ten years at Xerox Corporation as Practice Director for Xerox Connect, the company’s technology consulting division.

“I’ve spent the last ten years getting to know our customers and prospective customers in the West so that we could offer products and solutions that best meet their unique challenges and needs,” said Himes. “In this new role, I look forward to partnering with our customers at a national level, and to helping libraries become more efficient and essential within their communities.”

About EnvisionWare
EnvisionWare is a leading provider of self‐service and library‐efficiency solutions. Today, over ten thousand libraries use EnvisionWare products to enrich their service offerings and to empower their customers to do more for themselves. EnvisionWare offers twenty‐two systems, including PC Reservation® computer management, LPT:One™ print management, and OneStop™ for self‐service circulation. For more information about EnvisionWare, visit

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