Monday, February 18, 2013

What I Saw at the Solution Revolution

Greetings, friends!

After a long hiatus the Man in the Purple Shirt is back. I've been very busy as of late, serving as a foot soldier in the Solution Revolution, and now bring you visual documentation of my adventures.

The item above--a new product called the Library Document Station--is the first do-it-all document solution for libraries. Utilizing this device, customers can scan books and documents and send the resulting files to email, iPhone, Tablet, Android, Google Drive, Fax and Print. In a nutshell, the Library Document Station (LDS) effectively renders traditional photocopiers obsolete.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this product made quite the splash when unveiled at the recent ALA Midwinter conference in Seattle. In fact, Carson City Library purchased one on opening night. Quoth the library's forward-looking director Sara Jones, "I want to be the first."

Sara Jones of Carson City Library: proud new owner of a Library Document Station.

Also on display at ALA was our impressive new visualization suite. In the words of CEO Mike Monk, this reporting solution is "so powerful it bests every BI tool on the market yet so simple that anyone can learn to use it in a matter of minutes. See RFID activities and ROI, evaluate your true cost management of printing, copying, scanning, faxing and other related services.  Your entire EnvisionWare enterprise will suddenly be presented in an exciting new way that allows you to map the patron experience, your service levels, cost/benefit of each service and much more."

Flat screen on right offers sneak peek of new visualization suite.

As always, the formidable 24-Hour Library, also pictured above, continued to draw the attention of many passers-by due to both its striking appearance and its extraordinary versatility. The Man in the Purple Shirt even got the opportunity to climb inside to help with the set-up.

Now, folks, we do not throw around phrases like "Solution Revolution" lightly. Alongside the brand new products detailed above, we showcased major new versions of our LPT:One, Staff Transaction Station, and eCommerce software. Keep watching this space for further details concerning these upcoming releases.

Finally, the Man in the Purple Shirt got to spend some quality time in Seattle--a home away from home for this peripatetic spirit. In an impulsive moment two colleagues and I came dangerously close to attending a Kenny G concert at a club called Jazz Alley, but we ultimately balked at the price. Remember that movie Sliding Doors? Who knows what direction our lives would have taken if we'd actually gotten in? Would this blog have traded in its characteristic grit and edginess for a smooth, sultry flow? We can only imagine.