Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EnvisionWare Unveils 24-Hour "Grand Central" Library at PLA

Greetings friends!

I have very exciting news. This afternoon at PLA, EnvisionWare will be unveiling an exciting array of new products, including LPT:One 4.8 and Staff Transaction Station (STS) 5.0 (information on which can be found here). But the crowning event will be the ribbon-cutting on the 24-Hour "Grand Central Library."
Our new library offers:
  • 24-Hour check out
  • 24-Hour check in
  • 24-Hour holds pick up
  • 24-Hour OPAC browsing
  • 24-Hour program information
  • 24-Hour patron registration
  • 24-Hour sorting
  • And did we mention that it’s open 24 hours?

Do you need a new location such as a city park, train station or mall?  How about a new branch near a school or senior center?   Would your patrons appreciate 24-hour hold pick up in your parking lot?  In today’s service-oriented society with 24-hour drive through at banks, fast food restaurants and markets, wouldn’t it be great to keep pace with library services?

On March 14th, EnvisionWare will offer a complete line of 24-Hour Libraries each designed to deliver a broad range of library services throughout the day and night.   Imagine adding a new location for commuters that provides a selection of more than 800 items, or a mid-sized system with 400 items.  Smaller locations or holds pickup facilities offer just over 200 items.

Imagine placing an order for a turnkey system with a proven track record of performance and reliability (hundreds of systems installed and running, many for more than five years.)  Think about a company that guarantees uptime and response to any problem the same day, one of the world’s leading self service companies - that same company that designed,  installed, and maintains a turnkey 98% self service solution, the largest RFID and AMH system in North America, and hundreds more circulation-based solutions around the world as well as more than 10,000 self service solutions operating in libraries around the globe.

Who better to incorporate check out, check in, AMH, OPAC, program information, remote monitoring, validated patron self-registration, and an online reserve station connected to your ILS via SIP2 -OR- NCIP, but the NISO maintenance agency for NCIP?

Imagine a robust, remarkably reliable, ready to install choice of three system designs at prices lower than the cost of a mid-sized sorter (which by the way includes the sorter for free.)

Three-year construction project or a grand opening of a new 24-Hour Library in just 60 days.  Or what about leasing one or more temporary locations during a construction project?

Welcome to the EnvisionWare 24-Hour Library.   Visit the grand opening on March 14th in Philadelphia or contact an EnvisionWare sales consultant for more information.

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