Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LPT:One 3x: We're Going to the End of the Line (But It's All Right)

Does anyone remember the Edison wax cylinders? I'm guessing not, as they were already past their market peak by 1915 and officially went out of production in 1929. But in their day, those wax cylinders were the height of recording technology. The great Thomas Edison himself ushered in the era of home audio in 1877 by warbling “Mary Had a Little Lamb” into a cylinder recorder, and by the turn of the century you could pick up all the hottest tracks by Caruso and Ma Tiger Lily at your nearest general store.

Eventually the wax cylinder was replaced by the phonograph disc (which, in the Man in the Purple Shirt's opinion, has never been surpassed—but that's a subject for another blog), and the world moved on. Whatever passed for “support” in those days for the wax cylinder player was discontinued after 1929.

EnvisionWare is coming to a similar cutoff point with regards to its support of the LPT:One™ 3x line, which was officially replaced by LPT:One™ 4x back in 2006 (a lifetime ago in the software world). We have continued to support the Legacy (3x) product in subsequent years, but in this current world of Windows 7 and 64-bit, it is no longer a practical system. 

For those customers who may still be using LPT:One “Classic,” as I like to call it, we have prepared a document that outlines the superiority of 4x and some options for helping make the (inevitable) switch as painless as possible. Welcome to the future!

The Past
The Future

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