Monday, June 27, 2011

EnvisionWare at ALA 2011

NEWS FLASH: EnvisionWare is in the magnificent city of New Orleans as we speak, unveiling a number of exciting new products for the annual ALA (American Library Association) conference. Below are some tasty selections from our recent press release:

The Company will demonstrate EnvisionWare 1Pad, a new, integrated RFID Reader and Unidirectional Pad that looks like a large iPad. The new design provides detection only directly above the pad surface and features an integrated and more powerful RFID reader, which improves media detection and circulation. The All‐In‐One design eliminates messy cables and ferrite shields and dramatically simplifies installation and support. In an upcoming software update, the new diagnostic system in the 1‐Pad will provide an onscreen alert to staff such as an Environmental Alert that indicates a user may have detuned the system by placing a keyboard on the pad surface. The 1‐Pad offers a new price point that is lower than the former, separately priced components.

A new RFID LTag will be deliverable at ALA that brings the highest quality performance at a remarkable new price. EnvisionWare’s standard tag has measured performance at up to 15% greater distances when compared to many tags in use at libraries, which translates to higher detection rates through the gates. In the past that performance came at a slight premium. A new, library‐specific engineering design results in identical 2X*GEN performance at a price that’s hard to beat. EnvisionWare is accepting orders for delivery in two weeks.

Earlier this year members of the Sonoma County Library staff collaborated with EnvisionWare on a comprehensive list of workflow and interface improvements for the EnvisionWare RFID Software Suite™. The Company will release a new generation of the Suite at the conference that is faster and more intuitive, and which features a host of usability improvements designed by circulation and cataloging staff. New updates for the Innovative Item Status API are incorporated, as are new features for the EnvisionWare Media Case Controller™, a system that checks out and unlocks media in Clear‐Vu and Kwik Case media cases in one step.

EnvisionWare will also demonstrate EnvisionWare eCommerce Services™ Version 3.0 fine payment and account revalue software, which expands the global list of credit card acquirers and adds new customer options for processing architecture. Four different architectural implementations will be available along with more than thirty choices for card processing.

The Company will also release a new product for delivery this month that will couple the new eCommerce Services release and EnvisionWare’s Staff Transaction Station (STS)™, a library point of sale software system, to the Innovative Millennium platform.

Visit EnvisionWare at Booth #3132 or contact the Company for more information:

Michael J. Monk
Vice President
EnvisionWare, Inc.
2855 Premiere Parkway | Suite A
Duluth, GA 30097‐5201

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